Norton Setup UK – Download & Install Norton Antivirus

Norton security solutions can be used on different platforms and offer you a secure way to work on the internet. There are different editions available and you can choose from the software packages according to your need.

The first step to follow when you install Norton Setup UK from is to uninstall the previous security product present in your system. There are a series of actions that you have to follow one after the other in the control panel to ensure that the older version of the security solution does not exist.

The steps you need to follow for sign in or download and install are listed below.

1. Get into your Norton account at first with a specific URL.

2. You can then enter the username and password associated with this account.

3. After this, you have to click on the “Sign In” button to begin.

Whether you are logging on to this account for the first time or have been there before, the instruction of installing the software in the device you are using or in another device might just appear on the screen. You have to agree to download the software in the system you are currently using.

As you download the software in your system, the computer will alert you with specific instructions. After running the program, the process of installation will begin in your system. You have to follow the instruction that appears on the screen and click on the “finish” button in the end.

Successfully installed the antivirus program and it is ready to use with full until the license expires. You can renew the license subscription again to get protection after the expiry of the system.

When it comes to activating you have to start the following steps. However, before installing the new product, you have to buy the new subscription online. The following step s will show you how to complete the steps.

1. You have to start the service and followed by this click on “Activate Now” or “Renew”. As the product which is already installed in your system reaches expiry, you will receive activation alert. You can click on “Activate Now” from there as well.

If asked you can log on to your account as well with the credentials.

The product key that you have is to be entered in the place which is mentioned in the screen.

You have to choose the subscription when you have the license available.

However, you can also buy a license. All that you have got to do is to click on “Buy Subscription”. After this, you will be redirected to the store from where you can buy the product that you needed to protect your system.

Follow it up with the installation methods that are mentioned above but before that do not forget to uninstall the existing package.